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The Railway Children Return, known as Railway Children in the US, is a 2022 family drama film directed by Morgan Matthews and written by Danny Brocklehurst. It is a sequel to the 1970 film The Railway Children, itself based on the E.Nesbit novel of the same name.

The film stars Jenny Agutter, Sheridan Smith, Tom Courtenay and John Bradley. It was released in the United Kingdom on 15 July 2022 by StudioCanal.

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It is 1944, and a fresh wave of bombings fall on Britain during the Second World War. Siblings 14 year old Lily, 11 year old Pattie and 7 year old Ted Watts are evacuated from Manchester to the village of Oakworth in the West Riding of Yorkshire, where they are greeted by Bobbie Waterbury, her schoolmistress daughter Annie and her 13 year old grandson Thomas. All the children are selected to be given homes by the locals but due to a request from officials not to split siblings up, the Watts trio are left.

When nobody else takes them, Bobbie welcomes them into their home. The siblings quickly bond with Thomas. The US Army has a base in the area, and there is a disturbance on their first evening.

As they explore their new surroundings, the children are set upon by a group of local children not happy with their presence and Thomas welcomes them to his hideout in an old brake van by the railway station.

One day, Annie receives bad news about her husband who is away fighting in the war, reminding her of the deaths of Bobbie’s father and brother in the First World War. The children give her some space and play hide and seek at the station. Whilst there, they find an African-American soldier named Abe McCarthy in their hideout with an injured leg. He claims to be on a secret mission and that he has to remain hidden.

That evening a lone enemy aircraft drops a bomb on the town cemetery, causing Lily to fall as she brings a first aid kit and other supplies to Abe. He rescues her and reveals he joined the Army to avenge his brother who was killed in combat, but details about his story leaves her suspicious.

The next day, white American Military Police arrive at the school looking for Abe and Lily learns that he is a deserter. When she confronts him about it, Abe reveals that he is actually just 14 years old and that he is trying to return home after seeing how the US Army treat his fellow black soldiers who are often beaten by the Military Police, despite the town’s inhabitants refusing the US authorities’ request to impose a colour bar in the local pub.[a] She agrees to help him escape.

When Lily tells the others and plans to hide Abe at the house, Thomas initially insists they tell the truth to the grown-ups. Lily shoots him down at once and calls him out on his ignorance of the realities of the world, revealing that their father was also killed in combat.

Thomas agrees to let Abe stay in the large storeroom next door to his bedroom. That evening, the family are visited by Walter, the widowed husband to Bobbie’s sister Phyllis. The next day, Lily escorts Abe down to the station to catch a train to Liverpool and Thomas joins them to create a distraction so they can get on the train unnoticed.

In doing so he is caught by the local police, who inform the US Military Police, who in turn stop and search the train further up the line. Abe and Lily are handcuffed, taken to the base and then put aboard a US Army supply train, also carrying senior officers.

When confronted on the matter by Thomas, Annie reveals that his father’s plane was shot down but that he is still alive in a prisoner-of-war camp. After he reveals everything to Walter, his uncle informs him about the American supply train, which he has found out about by telephoning his employer, the War Office.

Thomas rallies Pattie, Ted and the rest of the local and evacuee children to create banners warning the train to stop, just as Bobbie and her siblings had done thirty years earlier.

The children successfully stop the train and call out the Americans on their actions. Abe explains the truth to the most senior general, also an African-American, who reveals that he too had enlisted underage and orders Abe to be released. After staying with the family for a few days, Abe leaves for home, promising to write to Lily before he goes.

The siblings return to their mother three months later, whilst Thomas’s father returns home after VE Day.

Beau Gadsdon as Lily Watts
Austin Haynes as Thomas Waterbury
Eden Hamilton as Pattie Watts
Zac Cudby[5] as Ted Watts
KJ Aikens as Abraham “Abe” McCarthy
Jenny Agutter as Roberta “Bobbie” Waterbury

Tom Courtenay as Uncle Walter
Sheridan Smith as Annie
Jessica Baglow as Angela
John Bradley as Richard Perks[c]
Hugh Quarshie as General Harrison
Neil Hurst as Teacher[9]
Micky Williams as Children’s Dad
Joseph Richards as Georgie Duckworth

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