Hands on: Google Pixel 7 review

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The Google Pixel 7 comes at a bargain price compared to the Pro, but unlike Apple, with its iPhone 14 Pro, Google doesn’t save the best internal hardware for its high-end models. The Pixel 7 gets the same Tensor G2 chipset as the Pixel 7 Pro, and while it may lack some other 7 Pro features, that one advantage should give it a boost. 

While Google’s Tensor platform doesn’t usually compare all that favorably in side-by-side benchmarks with equivalent flagship chips, but that’s because it’s built with a different focus in mind; AI and machine learning. This is something that remains true with the new Tensor G2 inside both new Pixel 7 phones and it’s expected to improve a number of facets for the phones’ user experience, from camera quality to call quality, speech recognition and beyond.

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