Definitive Technology Studio 3D Mini review

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Definitive Technology Studio 3D Mini: One-minute review

The Definitive Technology Studio 3D Mini is a compact 4.1-channel soundbar system that manages to outperform other compact ‘bars through a combination of virtual Dolby Atmos and DTS:X processing and potent, extended bass provided by its wireless subwoofer.

Coming from a company with a long history of speaker design and manufacturing, it’s not surprising that the Def Tech Studio 3D Mini simply sounds good: as soon as you connect it to your TV, you’ll notice the substantial upgrade in audio quality it delivers, adding clarity to dialogue and both drama and a sense of real envelopment in action movies. And movies and TV sound isn’t the only thing the Studio 3D Mini does well. Music played over the system benefits from a pleasingly warm tonal balance, and stereo separation is better than expected for a compact soundbar.

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