Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Anesthesiology

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Title: Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Anesthesiology
Author(s): Bryan Mahoney, Rebecca D. Minehart, May C. M. Pian-Smith
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Year: 2020


This book functions as a practical guide for the use of simulation in anesthesiology. Divided into five parts, it begins with the history of simulation in anesthesiology, its relevant pedagogical principles, and the modes of its employment. Readers are then provided with a comprehensive review of simulation technologies as employed in anesthesiology and are guided on the use of simulation for a variety of learners: undergraduate and graduate medical trainees, practicing anesthesiologists, and allied health providers. Subsequent chapters provide a ‘how-to” guide for the employment of simulation across wide range of anesthesiology subspecialties before concluding with a proposed roadmap for the future of translational simulation in healthcare.

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