Rite of the Shaman is a 2022 drama movie, directed and written by Alicia Oberle Farmer. Starring by Melinda Yeaman, Shane Morrisun, Jd Allen, Kayli Brummer, Violet Myers, James Morris, and Brittney Souther, the movie will be relesaed in January 2022. The technical crew includes Donovan Colton for music direction, Carson McKinnon for cinematography, and for editing. Check below for more inside information about Rite of the Shaman. This page will put a light upon the Rite of the Shaman wiki, cast info, release date, teaser/trailer, actors/actresses with their roles, controversies, trivia, shooting location info, rumors, lesser-known facts, and more.

Rite of the Shaman Synopsis:

Kai is a mute high school student who is taking care of his fatally ill mother. He finds solace in botany and nature, as well as memories of his late grandfather, who was a shaman and owl trainer. While trying to grieve and cope with loss, Kai struggles to navigate the pressures of high school, as well as the pressures of caring for his mother. He spirals into depression and pushes away everyone that he loves, especially after discovering how bad his mother’s cancer really is. Ultimately Kai is faced with a decision. Will he continue to descend down the dark path he is heading toward, and will he continue to spread negativity and hate? Or will he become the healer and beacon of light that he was truly meant to be? Rite of the Shaman is about overcoming life’s everyday challenges, confronting the shadow self to find healing, and understanding how our actions, as minuscule as they may seem, ultimately impact other’s lives.

Rite of the Shaman Wiki:

Title Rite of the Shaman
Original Title Rite of the Shaman
Type Movie
Genre Drama,
Release date January2022
Language(s) English,
Director(s) Alicia Oberle Farmer
Writer(s) Alicia Oberle Farmer
Producer(s) Kayli Brummer, Annette Coester, Erin Bloom Davenport, Alicia Oberle Farmer, John D. Devin K. Hansen, Nicholas Perez, Emily South, Brittney Souther, Albert Spencer-Wise, Janice Spencer-Wise
Music Director(s) Donovan Colton
Cinematographer(s) Carson McKinnon
Country United States,