Title: Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry sixth edition 2022 - Michael Lieberman

Author(s): alisa peet feet

Publisher: Walters Kluwer

Year: 2022

ISBN: 202104268597820210426899781975150143197515014797819751501671975150163


This is intended for medical students taking medical biochemistry. 

The core concept of using hypothetical patient vignettes is the approach used in this book. 

It shows a link BRS biochemistry to physiology, and the short “waiting room” vignettes apply the basic science of biochemistry to patient issues.

This chemistry textbook is the third edition, and there is another version to date. It still features full-color art, which helps a lot with students.


There are expanded clinical notes as well as bulleted end-of-chapter summaries. 

This third installation helps medical students comprehend the importance of the patient and bridges the gap between biochemistry, physiology, and clinical care.

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