Author(s): David l Nelson Michael M Cox

Year: 2022

ISBN: 97813193223421319322344


If you want to have clarity and complete comprehension for an introductory biochemistry course, this is the best choice you have. 


It offers a thoroughly updated survey of biochemistry enduring principles, definitive discoveries, and groundbreaking new advances with each edition based on Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry.

This book would be the seventh edition, but what Albert Lehniger started with, clear writing, careful explanations of critical concepts, helpful problem-solving support, and insightful communication of contemporary, is still being followed by the succeeding releases.

This release assures students that the authors created an extraordinary amount of exciting new findings without an overwhelming amount of extra discussion or detail.


Authored by Michael Cox and David Nelson but still following Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, this is a comprehensive book worth every penny you spend.

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