Bailey & Love’s Short practice of surgery 27th edition

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PART ONE: BASIC PRINCIPLES: The Science of Surgery Metabolic response to injury Kenneth FearonShock and blood transfusion Karim BrohiWounds, healing, tissue repair Michael Earley Tissue engineering and regeneration Andrew McCaskie & Andrew BradleySurgical infection Peter LamontTropical infections and infestations Pradip Datta, Pawanindra Lal & Sanjay De BakshiBasic surgical skills and anastomoses

Mark ColemanPrinciples of laparoscopic and robotic surgery Hutan Ashrafian, Sanjay Purkayastha & Ara DarziPrinciples of paediatric surgery Tony Lander Principles of oncology Robert JC Steele & Alastair J MunroSurgical audit Jonothan Earnshaw & Birgit WhitmanSurgical ethics and law Robert WheelerPatient safety and human factors and quality improvement Frank Keane & Ken MealyPART TWO: INVESTIGATION AND DIAGNOSIS Diagnostic imaging Matthew Matson, Muaaze Ahmad & Niall PowerGastrointestinal endoscopy James Lindsay & Philip WoodlandTissue and Molecular diagnosis Roger FeakinsPART THREE: PERIOPERATIVE 

CARE Pre-operative preparation and treatment of the High-Risk Surgical Patient Medha Vanarese, Pierre Foex & Anand SardesaiAnaesthesia and pain relief Vivek Mehta & Serene ChangNutrition and fluid therapy John MacFiePostoperative care Anand Sardesai & Fay Gilder Day case surgery Douglas McWhinnie & Ian JacksonPART FOUR: TRAUMA Introduction to trauma Bob Handley & Peter GiannoudisEarly assessment and management of trauma Chris Moran & Dan DeakinTraumatic
Brain Injury Harry Bulstrode & Tony Belli Neck and spine John Crawford & Douglas HayMaxillofacial trauma David KoppelTorso trauma Ken Boffard & Elias Degiannis Extremity trauma Lee Van RensburgDisaster surgery Mamoon RashidConflict Surgery Jonathan Clasper and Phill PearcePART FIVE: ELECTIVE ORTHOPAEDICS History taking and clinical examination in musculoskeletal disease Stephen McDonnell & Hemant G. PanditSports medicine and sports injuries Gina AllenThe spine Brian Freeman & Chris Lavy
Upper limb David Limb & Sam VollansHip and knee Vikas Khanduja & Wasim KhanFoot and ankle Bob SharpeMusculoskeletal tumours Paul Cool & Craig GerrandInfection of the bones and joints Martin McNally & Philippa MatthewsPaediatric orthopaedics Deborah EastwoodPART
SIX: SKIN AND SUBCUTANEOUS TISSUE Skin and subcutaneous tissue Christopher Chan & Adam GreenbaumBurns Michael Tyler & Sudip GhoshPlastic and reconstructive surgery Tim GoodacrePART SEVEN: HEAD AND NECK Cranial Neurosurgery Harry Bulstrode & Liam Gray The eye and orbit Keith MartinCleft lip and palate: developmental abnormalities of the face, mouth and jawsDavid KoppelThe ear, nose and sinuses Iain J. Nixon, Iain Hathorn & Alex BennettPharynx, larynx and neck Terry M. JonesOral Cavity Cancer Andrew SchacheDisorders of the salivary glands Mark McGurk & Leandros Vassiliou
PART EIGHT: BREAST AND ENDOCRINE The thyroid glands Iain J. Nixon & Richard AdamsonThe parathyroid glands Ruth PrichardThe adrenal glands and other abdominal endocrine disorders Tom W.J. LennardThe breast Richard C. Sainsbury PART NINE: CARDIOTHORACIC Cardiac surgery Jonathan R. Anderson & Mustafa Zakkar The thorax Carol Tan & Ian HuntPART TEN: VASCULAR Arterial disorders Robert Sayers & Robert DaviesVenous disorders Ian Chetter & Daniel CarradiceLymphatic disordersShervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, Gnaneswar Atturu & David RussellPART ELEVEN: ABDOMINAL History and examination of the abdomen Ronan O’ConnellAbdominal wall, hernia and umbilicus Bruce Tulloh & Stephen J NixonThe peritoneum, omentum, mesentery and retroperitoneal space Charles KnowlesThe oesophagus Derek Alderson Stomach and duodenum Timothy Underwood & John N PrimroseBariatric surgery Richard Welbourn The liver Graeme Poston & Rob Jones The spleen O. James GardenThe gall bladder and bile ducts Kevin ConlonThe pancreas Satyajit BhattacharyaThe small intestines Gordon Carlson & Matt SoopThe large intestines Gordon Carlson & Jonathan EpsteinIntestinal obstruction Jim HillThe vermiform appendix Jurgen MulsowThe rectum David Jayne & Hiba FatayerThe anus and anal canal Karen Nugent PART TWELVE: GENITOURINARY Urinary symptoms and investigations Kilian MellonThe kidney and ureters Kilian MellonThe urinary bladder Freddie HamdyThe prostate and seminal vesicles David E. Neal & Greg ShawUrethra and penis Ian EardleyTestis and scrotum Ian EardleyGynaecology Monica Mittal, Prasanna Raj Supramaniam, & Christian Malti BeckerPART THIRTEEN: TRANSPLANTATION Transplantation J. Andrew BradleyAppendix 1: Common Instruments used in general surgeryPradip K. DattaAppendix 2: Basic Aspects in Theatre Design and SterilisationAlan Norrish

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